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Panel Beating Services

Judd & Charles panel beating services repair all damage to your car’s bodywork quick and easy. Our Auckland panel and paint shop will fix anything from a scratch in the paintwork to extensive accident damage through our skilled team using only the best panel beating equipment in the market.

Our team of qualified panel beaters have years of experience in this field. We keep up to date with the latest developments by doing regular training courses. This includes studying the panel beating repair procedures recommended by each car manufacturer.

Our panel beaters also undergo tests to have our welding certificates renewed every two years. More than these training courses and certificates, we take pride in our membership in the Collision Repair Association (CRA).

Our work is our pride. So every panel beating repair done at Judd & Charles is inspected twice to ensure that everything is 100% before you get your car back. And then we give you a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship. We’re that confident that you get good value.

 Advanced panel beating equipment

The Judd & Charles panel beating shop on Target Road, Glenfield, boasts among the best panel beating equipment of any Auckland panel beating shop. Modern cars are designed so that all body elements add to the structural integrity. A car crash can put everything out of whack.

At Judd & Charles Panelbeaters, we installed a state of the art computerised car aligner to make sure your car is perfectly straight. The machine measures key body parts, showing up any deviation from the original factory tolerances. It can then hydraulically ease the car back to its original specifications.

We also have an inverter spot welding machine like those used on car assembly lines. This means when we do any welding on your car, it comes out as good as new. Most of our clients walk through the doors of our shop with overwhelming frustration and badly damaged cars.

When they walk out, they brought with them a car as good as brand new. We prioritise excellent panel beating services, but we also place high value in customer satisfaction. We want you to keep coming back at us because of our excellent service and client treatment.

Call us now on 444 8165 to get your panel beating job booked in.

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Proud member of the CRA

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Judd & Charles Panelbeaters
1/163 Target Road Glenfield, North Shore City Auckland
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